It’s June, and that means another Nerd Nite!! If you haven’t been before, Nerd Nite is a monthly social event where nerds of all disciplines give 18-21 minute funny and informative talks while the audience drinks along and asks questions. The supernerds of the evening:








muscleAPCharlie Taylor – Action Potential: The Basic Information Unit of the Brain

I collaborate a bit with “Backyard Brains,” a small garage-style company in Ann Arbor founded by Greg Gage and Tim Marzulo that manufactures ultra-cheap but very useable instruments for recording action potentials and displaying them on an oscilloscope (iPhone) and loudspeaker. Their main customers are teachers.

About Charlie:
BA, Univ. Texas 1975; PhD, Univ. Calif. Berkeley 1980
25 years drug discovery biology with Parke-Davis Ann Arbor & Pfizer
Retired since 2007, with consulting & teaching Neuroscience to undergrads (part-time lecturer) at U of M Ann Arbor


nn_imagingJohn Seamans – Superman Ain’t Got Nothing on us: Medical Imaging in 2013
What can modern medical imaging do for you? More than Supermans’s x-ray vision … it can detect vulnerable plaque in coronary arteries, map brain activity while lying/dreaming/googling, image metastatic cancer, show what’s going on during coitus, and visualize early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

About John:
Biomedical engineer and MacGyver-wannabe; harmonica player, gardener, kite-boarder in training. I’ve spent the last 10 years working on the design of medical imaging systems, finding ways to make better pictures of the bad things that sometimes go on inside the body; my current focus is cardiovascular imaging. Also, I like turtles.





Kristen Smith – Humanity is a Plague upon the Face of the Earth
Srsly, guise: Humanity is a Plague upon the Face of the Earth. Guise. Srsly.

About Kristen:
My passions include developing software, making art, growing plants, eating food — in particular fruits, vegetables, and carbs, — SCIENCE, and learning. If I could choose one super power it would be invisibility.



When: June 20th, 2013, doors at 630pm, talks at 7pm!

Where: LIVE, 102 S First St, Ann Arbor
Moola: $5
Tickets: At the door or Eventbrite - Brain Units, Imaging, and a Plague!
Why: Because why wouldn’t you want to have a few drinks and learn something new with a bunch of other awesome nerds?!

See you nerds June 20th!