Here’s a collection of things you have maybe never thought of: an examination of what exactly constitutes a race riot, the secrets of maintaining an all-metal home, and the narrative function of cats in film. Nerd Nite A2 has assembled a brilliant lineup of people who have done the thinking of each of these topics for you – and they’re here to open your eyes. So invite a friend, grab a drink, and prepare to go down a few rabbit holes. See you there!

When: Thursday, July 19 – doors 6:30 pm/talks 7:00 pm

Where: LIVE (102 S 1st St)

No cover charge – AADL is sponsoring!

sherlonyaAmerican Race Riots — Our National Sport? – Sherlonya Turner

The United States has been the site of hundreds of race-based disorderly confrontations that can be described as race riots. By now, most everyone has seen images from riots on TV whether it’s a riot from the 1960s, or from the more recent unrest in Ferguson, Missouri or Baltimore, Maryland. But what is a riot? Why do they happen?  What are the trends? Common themes? While one can learn quite a bit from the study of any of these individual events, taking on the topic broadly has different lessons for us. This talk will discuss the overall trajectory of race riots in the United States, exploring the greater context for mass race-based conflict. 

About Sherlonya: Sherlonya is a department manager at AADL. When she’s not doing that, she can’t stop starting projects. Right now she is into learning about race riots, but is also into history-based baking, open letter writing, and a variety of sewing and crafts. If any of that interests you, you can find most of it at or follow her on Twitter @sherlonya.

_JohnHeiderMugshotColorLustron: America’s Heavy Metal Housing – John Heider

Lustron homes were factory-made all-metal homes developed after WWII for the booming housing market. Most of their surfaces, inside and out and on their roofs were made of enameled steel. John lives in one, and will be sharing the ins and outs of occupying an all-metal home.

About John: John was a 28 year veteran newspaper photojournalist who was recently retired against his will and is also a ninja school dropout.



JenCatThe Film Cat-alogue: A Hiss-tory of Felines in Meow-vies – Jen Proctor

This illustrated lecture will provide an overview of the history of cats in movies, including their character types, their narrative functions, the notion of the “feline gaze,” and, of course, cuteness ratings on a scale from 1 to ZOMG KITTEH!!!

About Jen: Jen is a filmmaker and Associate Professor of Journalism and Screen Studies at UM-Dearborn. In her spare time, Jen studies abnormal feline behavior.