We’re sorry to say that the weather isn’t cooperating tonight. We’re still getting our ducks in a row for the reschedule (they must be busy playing out in the rain), but should have an updated date soon! Stay dry and stay nerdy!

HELLO fellow Nerds! We’re excited to be back in the lovely outdoor space at YORK (1928 Packard St) on Wednesday, August 17th from 7:30-9 pm for more NNA2 action! (And want to know some excellent news? Like our last two Nerd Nites, we WILL have engaging speakers and we WILL have delicious food and beverages, but we WILL NOT have 90 degree weather!)

Claire Cook, PhD student in the Chemistry Department at U of M, will tell us about The Microfluidics of an At-home Covid Test – perfect topic since her research focuses on developing microfluidic devices for studying the epigenome (aka the group of compounds that control how and when our DNA gets used). Outside of the lab, Claire is passionate about teaching and training to make science more understandable for everyone.

Ry4an Brase, will teach us all Remedial Shoe Tying for Children of the Left Handed with giant rope in hand! Ry4an (not a typo) lives in Ann Arbor, works in Pittsburgh, and is always the first person to volunteer to tie something to the top of a car.

Kayla Peck, a biologist who has dabbled in lots of “ologies” including virology, molecular biology, and computational biology, will be going back to her evolutionary biology roots with Evolution of Color in Nature (an Ode to Xanthophyll) to help celebrate the 15-year anniversary of one of her oldest companions and also inspire you to look at the world around you just a tad bit differently. 

Make sure Wednesday8/17 @ 7:30 pm is on your calendar! It can be pretty sunny over there at York, so bring along sunscreen and don’t hesitate to come early to snag a seat in the shade and a refreshing beverage or two!