Autumn is a great season for Nerding out! We’re excited to be back in the lovely outdoor space at YORK (1928 Packard St) on Wednesday, October 19th from 7:30-9 pm for our next night of NNA2!

Bek Petroff is a public health scientist who likes to dabble in things that are bad for your health, like ice cream, alcohol, and too much sun exposure on the few nice days we have here in Michigan. She is fascinated with complicated things that we really don’t fully understand yet and will be doing her best to share our current knowledge about how these lifestyle choices and where we live could be impacting the epigenome and health of you, your grandchild, and maybe even your great grandchild! After all, It’s Not Just in Your Genes!

Chloe Rybicki-Kler, a third year PhD candidate in the PIBS Neuroscience program at the University of Michigan, will teach us Navigating the Retrosplenial Cortex. Ever wondered how you find your way through the world every day? Now you can find out! Come take a tour of spatial and navigational memory with your brain’s chief navigator, the Retrosplenial Cortex!

Nancy Wayne, received her PhD in physiology from University of Michigan in 1988 and was professor of physiology at UCLA for 28 years, studying how the brain controls reproduction in sea slugs and fish and will be sharing  The Fascinating Sex Life of a Hermaphroditic Sea Slug.  

Make sure Wednesday, 10/19 @ 7:30 pm is on your calendar! We’re hoping for lovely fall weather, but no matter the temperature, the drinks will be refreshing and the talks will be entertaining! Be there and be square! This will be our last traditional Nerd Nite until warmer weather returns, but be sure to check out our “Nerd Nite Season Finale” on Tuesday, November 22 @ 6:30pm at the Downtown Branch of the Ann Arbor District Library. We’ll be deviated a bit from the Nerd Nite template to give a full hour to Annie Rauwerda from The Depths of Wikipedia!