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Hello NNA2 family! Gather ’round for our next event in which physics grad student Taylor Baildon dives into humanity’s first glimpse of the universe. Biology PhD student and RELATE member Fatima Javed will introduce us to neutrophils, the cells that initiate the healing process within our bodies. Engineer/amateur historian Andrew Huster will mark the 30th anniversary of the demise of the Berlin Wall with a look at Germany’s “edifice of fear.” But we’re not afraid! So come on out and learn something eye-opening, old or neu(trophil) from this great lineup! Bring a friend, grab a drink, and sit back for another great Nerd Nite A2!

When: Thursday, 10/17/19

Doors at 6:30/talks at 7 pm

Where: LIVE, 102 S. First St

Cost: No cover charge, AADL’s got this!

Fatima Javed - Web pic_250Understanding Our Bodies First Responders

Have you ever gotten a paper cut Or injured yourself while cooking, biking etc.? Our normal response to this injury is clean the wound and put a band-aid on to prevent infection. And then in a couple days, our body will heal itself. Ever wondered what happens inside your body when you injure yourself? Well, in this talk you will learn about the specialized cells, called neutrophils, that help start the healing process when you injure yourself.

About Fatima: I am a third year PhD. Candidate at the University of Michigan in the department of Cell and Developmental Biology. My work focuses on understanding the inner workings of our body’s first responding cells, called Neutrophils. I love research and talking to people about science. But when I am not in lab, I enjoy watching TV, reading fiction novels and cuddling with my cat. Follow Fatima @javedfatima2.

HusterLies, Ideologies, and Technicalities: The History of the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall stood for twenty-eight years as the stark manifestation of the division between east and west. On the eve of the 30th anniversary of its fall, we’ll take a look back into the history of this “edifice of fear”: how and why it came about, how it remained, its effects on the city and the world, its astonishingly sudden demise, and what has happened since it came down.

About Andrew: Andrew is an electrical engineer by day. By night, he indulges in various eclectic interests, one of which is twentieth-century history. For his day job, he writes code that makes cars drive themselves. He maintains a list of cool band names at You can follow him on Twitter at @ahuster.