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If, like most people, your New Year’s resolution is to go out to a  local drinking establishment at least once per month and, while there, learn about a variety of interesting topics with a group of equally-interested and interesting people, then NERD NITE A2 IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!  

In our lineup this month, we’ll learn how microRNAs can help pinpoint the presence of disease without requiring painful medical tests. Automotive engineer Sagar Kamat will explain what makes your car interface “click” – offering a window into the process of designing the knobs and switches we encounter every day.  Local street artist David Zinn will discuss his chalk art, outdoors as his medium, and why he doesn’t fear the rain. You don’t want to miss this month, so grab a friend, grab a seat, and join us for NNA2 #71!!

When: Thursday, 1/17/20

Doors at 6:30/talks at 7 pm

Where: LIVE, 102 S. First St

Cost: Zero dollars, friends, so come on out!

Quicker, more accurate detection of microRNAs for diseases 

MicroRNAs have the potential to disease biomarkers that can serve their purpose without the need of invasive, painful tests. My technique serves to be a quicker, more effective way of detecting them.

sagar kamatThe Science of Switch Feel – What makes a switch click-ass – Sagar Kamat

Push buttons, knobs, touchscreens…Every day, we interact with hundreds of different switches around us, to do everything from prepare our coffee, type out our emails, turn ON the lights, drive our cars and everything in between. But have you ever paused to think about what goes into designing each of those micro-experiences? Have you thought about makes them all feel a certain way? How do you quantify and specify ‘feel’? Join me to learn about what makes our world click. 

About Sagar: Sagar is an Automotive engineer by the day, where he helps craft the next generation of automotive user interfaces, and an all-out nerd by night, susceptible to frequent trips down the black hole of the internet reading about the vaguest of topics. Currently going through a podcast phase, he finds it difficult to carry on a conversation without, at least once, saying ‘Have you heard this podcast…..” . You can read his blog at or find him on Twitter at @sagarkamat.   

david zinnHow to avoid Making Art while still being an artist – David Zinn

While drawing in public, I have had countless conversations with random strangers about Art and being an artist, and mostly about how almost everybody thinks they aren’t one and can’t make any. I will endeavor to prove that everyone in the room was or is an artist, I will explain how my father’s desire for peace & quiet in restaurants defused my own Fear of the Blank Canvas, and I will answer the eternal question asked of every sidewalk artist: “But won’t you be sad when it rains?”

About David: David Zinn is a life-long A2 townie, an alumnus of the U-M Residential College, and a former freelance commercial artist who currently makes his living by drawing on sidewalks with chalk. He is as surprised by this as you are. Follow him on Twitter @davidzinn_art.