It’s springtime, and we’re ready to welcome back the daffodils, mudpuddles, and THE RETURN OF NERD NITE (now with slide decks!) That’s right folks, Ann Arbor Nerd Nite is back to make one Wednesday night a month brighter, happier, and nerdier! We’ll be bopping around various Ann Arbor venues in 2023, hitting old favorites and exploring new places!

On Wednesday, April 12 at 7pm, we’ll be hitting up Venue (1919 S. Industrial) for an evening of Nerd Nite revelries!

Jennifer German, NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador, will break down the acronyms and talk about NASA’s International Partners – including ESA, CSA*ASC, JAXA, Roscosmos and more! After all, Space isn’t just for the Americans, Russians, and Chinese!

Justin Schell, librarian, audio/video producer, and visual artist, will introduce Deeds of Injustice. Racially restrictive covenants, clauses in deeds that excluded anyone who wasn’t white from living in a property or neighborhood, were an integral part of housing inequality and systemic racism in the United States, including in Washtenaw County. Justin will share how Justice InDeed is working to better understand how these covenants were used in Washtenaw County, how they’ve contributed to inequality in the county today, and how all of us can help repair the harms done by them.

Nancy Wayne received her PhD in physiology from University of Michigan in 1988 and was professor of physiology at UCLA for 28 years. Nancy studied how the brain controls reproduction in sea slugs and fish and will be sharing The Fascinating Sex Life of a Hermaphroditic Sea Slug. 

See y’all at 7pm on 4/12 at Venue! And want to plan ahead? Here’s the Nerd Nite schedule for the next several months!

Wed. April 12, 7pm, Venue
Wed. May 10, 7pm, LIVE
Wed. June 21, 7pm, A2 Summerfest (more details to come)
Wed. July 12, 7pm, York
Wed. Sept. 13, 7pm Venue
Wed. Oct. 11, 7pm LIVE