There’s no place like home and for long-time Ann Arbor Nerd Niters, that home is LIVE!

We’re thrilled to make the homecoming for a science-filled evening at LIVE (102 S. 1st Street). See you there on Wednesday, May 10 at 7pm!

Emma Thornton-Kolbe, a neuroscience graduate student in the Clowney Lab at the University of Michigan, will bring us What’s in a Name?: Nerds Having Fun in the Fruit Fly Genome. In humans and other animals, named genes are usually acronyms related to the disease they are associated with. But scientists have gotten a bit more creative when it comes to fruit flies! Hear about some of their more whimsical choices that are more fun, but are just as useful as those boring acronyms!

Leanne Su, a Ph.D. candidate in the Plasmadynamics and Electric Propulsion Laboratory at the University of Michigan will be Turning it Up to Eleven teaching us about Scaling Hall Thrusters to High Current Densities. What are those? Just the electric propulsion systems that could eventually TAKE US TO MARS! No big deal, right?

Kayla Zochowski, a biologist who has dabbled in lots of “ologies” including virology, molecular biology, and computational biology, will be diving into our DNA with DNAncestry: Glimpsing the Past with Your Genetic Code. Learn how a tube of spit can turn into information about your ancestors!

Want to put more Nerd Nite on your calendar? We’re hitting up lots of great Ann Arbor spots in the coming year.

Wed. May 10, 7pm, LIVE
Wed. June 21, 7pm, The Annex at A2 Summerfest
Wed. July 12, 7pm, York
Wed. Sept. 13, 7pm, Venue
Wed. Oct. 11, 7pm, LIVE