The final weeks of summer may be upon us, but at least that means that we’ve reached the time for September’s Nerd Nite!!! Whether fall is in the air, or we’re getting the last dregs of a heat wave, LIVE on a Nerd Nite is always the coolest place to be! So put Wednesday, September 13 at 7pm in your calendar and meet us at LIVE (102 S. 1st Street)!

Have you heard of the Bonefish: Florida’s fish worth $3500 a year that NO ONE can eat? We hadn’t either, but luckily we’ve got John Heider to teach us all about Florida’s bonefish population, what makes them and their habitat unique and worth preserving, and how the purely recreational, catch-and-release fishery for the “Grey Ghost of the Flats” brings in an estimated half billion dollars a year for the Sunshine State.

John is a photojournalist, freelance writer, kayaker and fisher (sometimes both at once). He is the sole proprietor and owner of Ann Arbor’s only Confuse-A-Cat business.

Surabhi Balachander will take us on a journey of Reading the 50 states in 2023. Surabhi is intentionally reading a book about or set in each U.S. state, one book a week, going through the states in alphabetical order—as of now, she’s up to Nebraska! Surabhi will incorporate insights from her background as a scholar of multiethnic and rural American literature to discuss the goals of this project and focus on some of her favorites.  

Surabhi is a PhD candidate in English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan, where she studies rurality, race, and environment in American literature from 1920-2020. In her spare time, she reviews books and talks about how much she loves AADL on Instagram @surabhi.reading.

Modern depictions of Superman’s home planet are generally quite serious and sterile, but it wasn’t always that way. Scott Vertical is thrilled to share vibrant stories of The History of Krypton that have been unheard for generations!

Scott is the Morning Host on Ann Arbor’s 107one and has been collecting comics for over 40 years. His collection includes a complete run of ActionComics from 1985 – 2011. He thinks Batman needs to get over it already.