Whether or not you’re one of those people whose weekend starts on a Thursday, what better way to celebrate than with Nerd Nite: NOW ON THURSDAY NIGHTS (NITES?!?!)! That’s right! Amble over to LIVE (102 S. 1st Street) at 7pm on Thursday, October 12 for an excellent evening of Nerd Nite goodness and start that last part of your week off right!

First, Gregg Saldutti Jr. gets us situated with Finding Their Bearings: How to Google Your Way Through Geolocation. He’ll show us how to geo- and chrono-locate images using open-source tools and techniques—and also suggest why finding the when and the where of photos might be useful beyond just impressing your friends.

Gregg is a geographer, bike rider and computer nerd who can attribute most of his success (both personal and professional) to being good at internet searches.

Then we’ll find out How Germs Live to Fight Another Day from Achala Chittor. Do you know disease-causing bacteria can survive antibiotic treatment by modifying their trash chutes to expel antibiotics? Achala does, and she’ll teach us all about it!

Achala is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan in the Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology department. She grew up in Portland, Oregon, and received her bachelor’s degree from Williams College in 2015 and her PhD from Harvard in 2021.

Things take a turn to the macabre (or will they?!) when Sexton Leif Laufeyarsen takes us through The Evolution of the Cemetery. Learn about the difference between a cemetery and the graveyard (did you even know there was one?) as Sexton takes us through the shift from graveyard to cemetery and some surprising activities that took place in those early cemeteries. He promises it won’t get (too) gross!

Leif has a degree in history and has presented at tours, museums, and cemeteries in South Eastern Michigan and South Eastern France. He has also been known to roam the countryside looking for lost cemeteries, usually with success.